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Sopurkh: Study the Mystery Behind this Sacred Sound Current

Saturday November 22, 2014 – 1:45-4:00 pm 

The Candle Factory:  6902 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

Please be Prompt
$25.00 cash at the door.
This Shabd (Sound Current) expresses the power of God through
the male energy.  It strengthens a man’s energy.  Sing it and the vision of the Infinite Creator comes before you.  It can be used to:
* heal a man, uplift a man to a status of Infinity.
* bring a male mate of a high consciousness.
* cast away negative spells in the destiny.
* clear bad aspects from a man you relate to.
* bring God in a male form to you as your child.
Join us to prepare to receive the blessing, study the words and then together powerfully recite them with the prayer intentions behind the chanting.
Bring a thumb drive for a special rare recitation to take home.