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Tuning In

Before beginning any Kundalini Yoga set or meditation, remember to always tune in to the Golden Chain of teachers and your own higher self with the Adi Mantra



“I bow to the Infinite Creative Consciousness”

“I bow to the Divine Wisdom within me and beyond me”

This is the meditation we practice every morning before class. We are over halfway to 1000 consecutive days of this practice. 

Here are the common features of the Age of Aquarius:

In their hearts, people will understand what is going on.
They may not find words to express themselves, but one day they will.
That day they will like to uplift fellow beings.
The walls of hatred will fall down.
Instead of ill will and gossip, there will be prayer on the tongues of everyone.
Rather than competing for wealth, people will compete for spiritual growth.
We will have a common belief of higher self, love for our Creator, and love for our consciousness and grace.
— Yogi Bhajan, 9/24/02

This is the New Age

We are in the transactory period up to 2035. There is nothing to worry about. It (has) happened every two thousand years, the philosophy changes. You have been trying to find God from last two thousand years… But now, you are going to not find God, you are going to live in Oneness of God. It will be a status and state of unisonness between a individual creature and his Creator. So to celebrate that new saga, every two thousand years the energy changes.

Signs of this will be, as the years will progress, you will find great emptiness. And with all the possible comfort available in environments and atmosphere, still the emptiness shall not go. – Yogi Bhajan, Dec. 28, 1993

Tactics for Survival

If you can keep these three thoughts all the time with you, you can make it through every odd:

“God is within me.”
“I am made in God.”
“God and me, me and God are one.”

That is the philosophy which shall prevail in the Age of Aquarius. Those who shall not practice this philosophy shall diminish.
Yogi Bhajan, Dec. 28, 1993

And, to Release Stress
“Do Your Best. Let God Do the Rest.”