Self Hypnosis Into Good Health – 12/27/96

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.12.28 PMMudra: The correct angles of the elbows and thumbs are important in this exercise. Interlace your fingers (left pinkie finger on bottom) and place the palms flat against the center of the chest. Let the thumbs be pointing up towards the chin. Stretch your elbows out to the sides, parallel to the earth. Make sure you keep your spine straight, chin in. Keep the posture straight.

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Eyes: Closed.

Breath: Breathe in deeply through the nose, and hold the body’s positive energy to go and eat up the sickness, anything negative to the body. When you cannot hold any longer, breathe out, releasing all sickness out. Continue with this mental focus. Mentally direct the energy hypnotically. Use self-hypnosis.

Focus: This is a form of self hypnosis. As you inhale, direct the prana, the pavan, the positive energy to go into your body and heal any sickness. Tell your white cells to go in and eat up the dead cells. You have to do it effectively and actively, hypnotically visualizing anything negative in you, getting eaten up, whatever that ‘negative’ thing is.

Time: 11 minutes.

End: Inhale deep, hold the breath and press your hands against your chest as hard as you can, and squeeze your body. Hold 15 seconds. Cannon-fire the breath out with a force. Second and third time, hold only 5 seconds while pressing. Relax.

Comments: This posture of the hands, with the elbows stretched out to the sides, ‘breaks the balance with the earth’s electromagnetic field.’ It is such a powerful healing meditation, that a man who was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and was not having any positive results, began this meditation, and the cancer reversed and went away.

Self hypnosis is such a powerful thing that you can bring Almighty God within your tiny-teeny body. You can also control your own biorhythm, and you can also change your mood. You can change your habits. You can get rid of all things you want to get rid of. You can get rid of smoking if you have a habit of that. When you feel the urge to smoke, just sit down in this posture. Do it about two to three minutes and in 7 days you will get over the craving. The nicotine will totally be replaced by oxygen, and you will never feel the need for it. Eating disorders, behavior disorders, any disorder in the body, by self hypnosis, you can get rid of them. But you have to apply the power of ‘you.’ This is a meditative self hypnosis which can make us not only healthy — it can make us wealthy, fabulous, excellent and very beautiful, bright, and make us bountiful.

Direct the breath. Direct the prana. All you have to do is deeply inhale, hold it, and tell it where to go. Put your mind behind it, you will enter the hypnotic state and you will start enjoying it. If you do not want to trust it, fine. When you have a headache,

instead of Tylenol and a glass of water, sit down and do it. See how it disappears. That’ll give you faith.

Enjoy the redirection of your own life, that you can control your own pranic energy and direct it. The very idea is great. If you don’t understand it, that’s okay. Try it, you will enjoy it.

Make sure you keep your thumbs up. Thumbs are Id, the antennae, which help this meditation to work very well.

To use this meditation, begin with 7 to 11 minutes, and slowly and gradually develop it. When we were little kids, we used to apply the mind to see if we could move a glass on the table. Remember those games? That’s possible today. You have extra sensory hypnotic power, and that is your healing prayer.

In this rational world of yours, you cannot live handicapped. When you are handicapped, your biorhythm is weak, then you are irrational, you are itchy, you are cranky, whatever you want to call it yourself. It takes a long life to make a friend. It takes a one mistake to just break it. There are a lot of slips you can cover, but one word slip, one word, can change your world. That’s why world is shrinking and the Shabd Guru, the word, “In the beginning there was word, word was God, and word was (with) God,” is prevailing. People have to learn to be in higher excellence to deal with everybody. That’s the real power, real beauty. If you have a weakness and you believe in make-up, make up for your weakness into strength.

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