Tips for Survival in the Aquarian Age

Yogi Bhajan — Tips for Survival in the Aquarian Age

There’s no reason for someone to say, “I am burned out” or “I don’t know what to do.” You get burned out when the blood does not feed your brain properly and when the quality of the blood is impure.

According to the ancient yogic teachings, the brain has been divided in exactly ten equal parts, five of the west and five of the east, and they all communicate among one another.

Lemon:  An Ancient Chinese secret.  Cut a Lemon in two — rub it on your feet.  It takes away all the heat of the brain. The temperature of the gray matter, when it is only 1.8 F more than the body temperature, disease is set in.

Wooden Comb:  Whenever the brain doesn’t function, the serum doesn’t come through, temperature starts rising.  That’s the main cause of the disease. At night comb your hair backwards, and front.  Using a wooden comb, and combing your hair forward and back, balances the gray matter in the brain.

Without functioning gray matter, a man and animal are the same, there’s no difference.  Impulse… animal works by impulse, and man must work by intuition.

Meditation:  We release 1000 thoughts per wink of the eye, and the thoughts not processed will go into subconscious and become haunting thoughts.

In 1972 I said just with a press of a button a person will have all the knowledge; people thought it is impossible.  But it’s possible today.

Something which was meant to be good for you, is already showing you computeritis and in technical terms, we call it “mental disorientation syndrome”  because mind cannot catch up with so much around us.  This is a Cosmic change; we have reached the Information Age. 

* Those who work with computers 3x a day if they want to survive – wash the hands in cold water.  They must take a very cold napkin or cloth, wash their face, eyes for a second or two or three, wash the back of their neck. Otherwise ultimately it will get to the nerves.  

 * Doing lot of yoga will not make you a saint.  But it will maintain you as a human.  You need your nerves today. 

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